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ANS.: HUNAR is a platform which one stop shop for all skill development trainings provided by government for the benefit of citizens. It also provides online skilled labour market for formal and informal sector.
ANS.: HUNAR will help you search and apply for courses as per your area of interest. It also provides you opportunity to be forecasted in market as skilled labour after these trainings; thereby enhancing your employability.
ANS.: Department of Labour, Employment and Training, Government of Jharkhand
ANS.: Lah Training to produce Lah and it is provided by Department of Forest.
ANS.: Yes. There is advance training for weaving in Department of Industry.
ANS.: Yes. Government of Jharkhand provides such training under Department of Animal & Husbandry.
ANS.: Yes. Department of Animal & Husbandry, Government of Jharkhand provides training for Milk Production. It is held in the departmental training centre held in Sec-2, Ranchi Dairy, Dhurwa, Ranchi-4.
ANS.: Yes there is training center for animal nutrition and green fodder situated in Dumka. Address of the training centre is “State Vet. Hospital Campus, Po- Shiv Pahar, Dumka- 814110”.
ANS.: . Government departments provides many skill training and the information can be seen in a portal called HUNAR (
ANS.: There is a program run by Department of Welfare, Government of Jharkhand which provides training on Goat Breeding or Goat Rearing or Goat Farming
ANS.: Department of Welfare, Government of Jharkhand sends few candidates on its own expenditure for Air Hostess Training which is a 6 month course. The institute selected for sponsoring candidates is Institute of Aviation & Aviation Safety, Mumbai. For more information please login to
ANS.: BIT Mesra provides such training under Department of Welfare, Government of Jharkhand.
ANS.: Yes Urban Development Department imparts many skill training with the help of private training centers and it is completely free for people having BPL card
ANS.: Vivekanand Environment and Healthy Mission, Ranchi provides such training and few seats are sponsored by Department of Urban Development Department (Govt. of Jharkhand) for BPL Card Holder
ANS.: . Colour Mehandi Making is an art of putting mehandi in arms, legs and other parts of the body in designed form. This course teaches health and safety measurements, planning and designing the varities of color mehandi; designs of various sizes; and practicein repairing mehandi coneliner etc. Department of Urban Development imparts such training through AISECT University.
ANS.: Agriculture Department provides following training-Gardening, Farming, Agriculture Management, Horticulture, Agriculture Extension Management and IT Training for Farmer Portal
ANS.: Directorate of Horticulture, Department of Agriculture & Sugarcane Development, Govt. of Jharkhand provides training with the help of private training provider. It would be 1-3 month course.
ANS.: Jharkhand Kala Mandir, Ranchi provides dance training. It provides Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Odissi and Vocal dance training.
ANS.: Yes. Department of Arts, Sports & Culture provides such training in Jharkhand.
ANS.: 17 government departments of Jharkhand impart skill training.
ANS.: With the help of Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India, Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand runs a scheme called Sabla for social upgradation of women.
ANS.: Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand runs this scheme in which 16-18 years old girl get trained to some skill for social upgradation.
ANS.: Department of Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand provides skill training to SC/ST people to uplift this particular segment of society. There are other departments who provide Skill training particularly to this group or subsidize the fees and provide other facilities.
ANS.: Lah Training, Animal Farming, Agricultural based training, Computer knowledge training and much other training are sponsored by Welfare and other department of Jharkhand in order to uplift the status of tribal and to enhance the skill.
ANS.: Department of Urban Development runs livelihood mission in which BPL card holders get numerous skill training free of cost from the government. Skill training enables people to engage themselves in some work for living.
ANS.: . Department of Rural Development runs rural livelihoods mission in which rural deprived people developed some skill through training in order to get or do some work for living.
ANS.: Most of the department does not give any indication on wages after skill training but all of them follows minimum wage system of India.
ANS.: Department of Industry gives handloom training to women only. There are such skill training especially for women in Department of Rural Development and Department of Urban Development.
ANS.: There are fix seats for disable people in government ITI colleges run by Department of Labour to get skill training. Every industrial stream in those collegeshasatleast one seat reserved for disable people.
ANS.: Many skill training used SHG (Self Help Group) methodology where few people of particular areas shows an interest of get skill training to government departments like Labour Department or Industry Department. Now based on the request of SHG, department conducts skill training in their own area whether it’s a village or any urban areas. Sometimes department request SHG to come to the nearest training centers.
ANS.: 90 percent of the Training for handloom run by Department of Industry, Govt. of Jharkhand is done by minority group and government is sponsoring free of cost to train the minority group just to get the hereditary business alive.
ANS.: . It depends upon the kind of skill training department imparts but cost per candidates varies from Rs 500 to Rs 3,00,000 per candidate per course.
ANS.: 14-18 Years in government institute.
ANS.: Aadhar is linked while registering candidates in HUNAR portal. Only Aadhar enable candidates will be allowed to get government sponsored skill training.
ANS.: . Jharkhand government designed a portal called HUNAR ( for all three stakeholders-department, training provider and candidates to get the leverage of skill training run by almost 17 departments of Jharkhand Government.
ANS.: Jharkhand government designed a portal called HUNAR ( in which candidates can apply for skill training programs run by government and private organization. Private training provider can also enlist itself in HUNAR to become part of skill training run by government departments. Government department can also utilize the portal HUNAR to get the interested candidates and genuine training providers.
ANS.: ITI Dumka provides industrial skill training under Department of Labour.
ANS.: Food & Beverage Service, House –Keeping, Food Production, Front Office, Bakery, Confectionery & Kitchen Management and Retail Management are few courses that Tourism Department runs under skill development program.
ANS.: This scheme is sponsored by Department of Tourism under which the department provides skill development training related to tourism activity to 18-28 year old citizen of Jharkhand. Institute of Science & Management (Pundag, Ranchi) provides various courses on the behalf of Department of Tourism. Courses are Food & Beverage Service, House –Keeping, Food Production, Front Office, Bakery, Confectionery & Kitchen Management and Retail Management. Each course has 6 weeks course duration.
ANS.: Transport department only provides driving license. There are numerous private motor training provides in Jharkhand but they also apply driving license in the Transport Department.
ANS.: . Department of Labour, Employment & Trainingruns a scheme for youth affected by LWE in which youth get an opportunity to get admission in Government ITI colleges and do the course of own choice.
ANS.: SDIS scheme is run by Department of Labour in which department sponsored short-term courses of different industrial and business field to promote skill development among employed and unemployed youth.
ANS.: Labour Commissionerate run this scheme under Labour Department, Government of Jharkhand in which construction and tool based training is provided to labour-class families to upgrade their skills.
ANS.: . Labour Commissionerate run this scheme under Labour Department, Government of Jharkhand in which construction and tool based training is provided to labour-class families to upgrade their skills.
ANS.: HRD provides several training under skill development skills such as Health Care and Beauty Culture, Computer Science, Mining & Geology, Textile & Designing, Agriculture Firm Mechanic, Banking, Poultry Production, Inland Fisheries, Food &Fruit Preservation,Household Contact & Wiring, Bakery & Confectionary Radio T.V Technology etc.
ANS.: This scheme is run by Department of Rural Development for skill development of rural people in area of Industrial Sewing, White Goods Repairs, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Automobile, Arc & Gas Welding, Sheet Metal Work (Fitter), Sales & Marketing, Banking & Accounting, Fabrication, Electrician, IT DEO, Hospitality, F&B Service, Hospitality, Nursing and more.
ANS.: Vocation means a particular occupation for which candidates are trained. Thus vocational training is a kind of training that emphasizes skills and knowledge required for a particular trade (such as Welder, Fitter) or a job function (typing or data entry).
ANS.: Jharkhand Agency of Promotion of Information Technology (JAP-IT) has made a portal called HUNAR where there is a search option for any candidates to select right course of their own choice. Candidates can search by area, by education, by department and by skill.
ANS.: Government departments do not provide any soft skill training in Jharkhand but there are many private sectors who imparts soft skill training like communication skill, Leadership skill etc.

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